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Personal Care Services

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Our nurses will administer proper medication and treatment for your wounds.

elderly woman lying in bedDealing with wounds can be very critical. When the right care is not provided, it could lead to complications and possible infections. This is entirely avoidable as long as you have the right care professionals to turn to while caring for a wound at home.

At Candid Home Health Care Services we help clients by providing care to heal wounds. Services are provided by Registered Nurses:

  • Assessment and Reassessment of Wounds (as they go through the healing process)
  • Preventing additional wounds / infections
  • Advising the client with proper diet to help heal wounds
  • Treatment for Surgical Wounds, Burn Wounds, Bed Sores, Lacerations, Abrasions, and Contusions

At all times, the Registered Nurse will prioritize the healing of the client’s wounds and at the same time, providing the client with comfort. It can be painful to treat a major wound so the Registered Nurse may use medications and other healthcare supplies to ensure the comfort of the clients throughout the wound care process.