About Us

Mission Statement

Candid Home Health Care Services, LLC primary goal is to provide to his clients the highest quality homecare, while ensuring compassion care, continuity of services and accessibility of our services on an ongoing basis. Our caregivers will provide services to our clients on a short or long term basis depending on their individual needs while respecting their privacy and independence. As our Company name conveys, this organization will always be candid and accessible to our clients, their families or responsible parties, and their health care providers. All our Caregivers will promote professionalism and the highest standards of client care that is an integral part of their responsibilities. Candid Home Health Care Services, LLC wants to establish itself as a premier innovative leader of high quality service in homecare arena.

img-about-usCompany Background

Candid Home Health Care Services, LLC is a company based in Silver Spring, Maryland with a mission to be a reputable and highly respected provider of home health services. We seek ways to help the elderly, the sick and the disabled. Through our services, we hope to give our clients an enjoyable and independent life possible.

What Got Us Started

Candid Home Health Care Services, LLC was built and developed to provide assistance to clients with health care needs. While these individuals are recovering and rehabilitating, we will be there to lend them a compassionate helping hand for support.

The People Behind Candid Home Health Care Services, LLC

Candid Home Health Care Services, LLC was created in 2007 by Ms Josepha and Mr. David Obama. Ms Josepha earned a Bachelor Degree in Computer Information Systems in 1990 from the University of The District of Columbia. In 1994, she earned a Bachelor Degree in Nursing from George Mason University (Virginia). She has an extensive and intensive experience in home healthcare and rehab nursing, critical care, geriatric care, and medical surgical nursing. Her efforts lead to building the efficient and reputed in quality home care provider the company is today. Guided by a vision for high quality home health care, Candid Home Health Care Services, LLC strives for excellence in becoming one of the most respected and reliable provider in the State of Maryland and the District of Columbia.

Our Philosophy

We have recognized the undeniable reality of the changes that a sickness or an injury may bring about. Even if a client is already allowed to be discharged from an Institutional Facility, they cannot easily assume their usual activities of daily living. That is where we come in. Candid Home Health Care Services, LLC is always available to serve you or your loved ones in the comfort of your own homes during your time of need.




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Silver Spring, Maryland 20910

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